Aithon A90H - Concrete Fire Protection

Aithon A90H - Concrete Fire Protection

Concrete and pre-stressed concrete fire protection
Water borne, single pack intumescent coating classified according to European Standards EN 13381-3 and EN 13501-2.

Up to R/REI 240 on slabs and load bearing walls
Up to R120 on beams and columns
No cracks, no delamination after 4 hours fire exposure.
Designed to provide the best performance on concrete
AITHON A90H achieved four hours fire resistance classification on concrete slabs and walls. At the end of the test, after more than 240 minutes of fire, the char showed a perfect integrity and adhesion to the concrete, despite of the heavy slab bending (18 cmt over a 4 mt span).
Environmentally friendly

Waterborne, halogen-free, low VOC content, Aithon A90H protects concrete as well as the environment.
Thank to its very low emission to the environment, A90H is approved for the fire protection in clean rooms (Outgassing tests at 40°C: 2,6 μg/g). This is a guarantee for any sensitive buildings like schools and hospitals.
Product presentation
Concrete, like steel, does not burn; it is a Class A material. It also has low thermal conductivity that brings some degree of fire resistance.

So, why a concrete structure collapses in a fire?
Because the natural fire resistance of concrete is often not enough.
The high temperature generated by fire progressively penetrates inside the concrete, reaching the reinforcing bars. When the reinforcing bars reach their critical temperature, the structure collapses.
This process is accelerated by spalling, which is the breakdown of the concrete surface that dramatically reduces the concrete cover, exposing the reinforcing bars to fire.
Read more about spalling
Thin film (max 1mm), compatible with full colour range top-coatings
No need to remove them before spray application
•    Water based
•    Low VOC
•    Suitable also for underground works
(ISO 11890-2)